Why add insulation
to your home?


Adding insulation to a home is a worthwhile activity as it increases value, occupant comfort levels and reduces the home’s energy footprint and your total energy bill. One of the most energy-efficient retrofits you can undertake is adding insulation to the attic.


Ultimate recommends you do not upgrade your attic insulation under the following conditions: If your home is new or has been upgraded with energy-efficient improvements and the existing structural, vapour barrier or ventilations problems have not been fixed, adding more insulation can cause problems.  

This includes moisture in the attic, ice dams, leaking, moisture on the interior ceiling or other damage to the attic, roof or ceiling. Call us for a free inspection.

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Do you have problems with ice dams, cold or drafty rooms, moisture in the attic, leaks, or do you think your home could be warmer and cozier? Do you need some advice about adding insulation to your home or attic?

air leakageWhy Attics?

Why is attic insulation so important? The one basic fact of heat is that it rises. So the single largest area of potential heat loss in a home is the ceiling. You can test this yourself by standing on a chair or a ladder in the winter. The higher up you are, the warmer it gets. Adding insulation to the attic will significantly slow heat loss from your home. So if you are considering an insulation upgrade, you’ll need to address the attic as a “first line” in your upgrade.

We take a “whole house” approach to insulation

At Ultimate Insulation we understand attics and attic insulation. But we also understand structural problems that should be addressed prior to installing attic insulation. This includes how attic insulation is affected by the level of insulation throughout the home, how “air-tight” the home is, electrical and plumbing penetrations, structural issues in the attic and how well the other insulation and vapour barrier systems are performing.  

Installation is everything

Anyone can blow insulation into an attic. You can probably save $100 or so by doing the job yourself. But if there are underlying problems in the home, blowing in more insulation will probably cause more problems than it solves.

If the installation is not done properly or if structural problems have not been addressed or inadequate air barriers are in place, the addition of insulation will not deliver the expected benefits.

prevent blocking ventilationIn the Saskatchewan climate usually the quickest payback is achieved with blown -in cellulose insulation. Ultimate will undertake the following steps to ensure you have a quality installation:


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